Air Pollution Summary 15

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  • Published : June 12, 2006
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By definition air pollution means the presence of substances in the environment, predominantly those that do not occur naturally. These substances are commonly contaminants that significantly modify the quality of the atmosphere. Air pollution is regularly used to classify unwanted emissions produced by human doings, which is also referred to as anthropogenic air pollution; examples of anthropogenic air pollution are: The burning of wood, coal, fuel oil or natural gas burning fireplaces, stoves and furnaces, Air pollution affects human wellbeing, flora and fauna; deteriorates structures, it intervenes with the enjoyment of life and it influences our production methods and lifestyles. America produces more emissions then anywhere else in the world, yet this is still an international issue, also affecting Australia infinitely because of the air pollution in the world, our ozone layer is getting destroyed, the "blanket" that is protecting us is slowly yet surely making our Earth uninhabitable unless we do something about it.

Air pollution is an issue locally, nationally and globally, we are all doing our part to increase the percentage of air pollution in our atmosphere; we might not intend to but by driving a car everyday to work or throwing our cigarettes out the window is causing harmful substances to arise in our environment and pollute our air and damage our precious ozone layer. This damage is then causing harm to us by affecting the air we breathe. CFC's are used in some spray cans to force the contents out of the can. They are also used in refrigerators, air conditioning systems and some fire extinguishers and in the plastic industry. They are used because they are not poisonous and do not catch fire, these CFCs are used in everyday household items and are exceptionally harmful to our ozone hence damaging our air. Locally, in Sydney around 400 people die each year from pollution in this city, with motor vehicles being the major foundation of dangerous...
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