The Air Can Be Cleaner Than It Is Now

Topics: Air pollution, Pollution, Incandescent light bulb Pages: 3 (1152 words) Published: May 14, 2013
The Air Can Be Cleaner Than It Is Now
There are people who believe that “fresh air” is an unlimited source. I personally used to think like that when I was a young. As I grew older, I learned that a simple thing, such as fresh air is infinitely available, is not true. The fact is, the troposphere, which is like a wall that covers the earth, is the only air that is available to us. No fresh air comes in, and no polluted air escapes (Harris, par. 3). Ironically, a giant thing like spaceship could go out trough the troposphere, the lowest level of the atmosphere, but a simple thing like air can not. This way, we are like in a sealed room, so we must use the air over and over again for infinity.

Polluted air is dangerous and it has been a dilemma throughout this modern era. Air pollution can have serious problem for our health and also on natural ecosystems. It is able to go around the earth easily because the fact it is located in the stratosphere (“Air Pollution,” par. 2). The sources of air pollution are both natural and human-based. Volcanic eruptions, wind erosions, pollen dispersal and forests fires are among the natural-based air pollution. But, the most pollution is the result of human activity. There are many things that we do can contaminate the air. According to Think Quest Online, “The biggest cause of pollution in U.S. are the operation of fossil fuel-burning power plants and automobiles that combust fuel. Combined, these two sources are responsible for about 90% of all air pollution in the United States “(“Causes,” par. 6). The other 10% are including the natural-based of air pollution and some other human activities that can cause air pollution, such as, the smoke from cigarettes, fireplaces, heating systems, incinerators, airplanes, industries and many more. Based on the facts above, human activities alone are responsible for more than 90% of air pollution in the United States. The issue here is obviously not about the air pollution that comes...
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