Report: Mobile Phone Users

Topics: Mobile phone, Mobile phone radiation and health, Base station Pages: 7 (2534 words) Published: October 14, 2013
TO:Name, Director of Institute of Occupational Safety and Health FROM:Name, Manager of Institute of Occupational Safety and Health DATE:1 July 2013
SUBJECT:Report on mobile phones – problems, benefits and solutions

Mobile phones have become one of the greatest achievements of technology in today’s world. It helps to create an informative, connected, innovative, creative, participative and converging society. Nowadays, it is a common scene to see everyone walking around with their noses buried in their mobile phones. This report has been written because there has been a massive increase in the usage of mobile phones among the young ones and older folks over the years and there is an indication it will continue to increase. The objectives of the report are to identify the problems of mobile phones, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones and evaluate its recommendations to resolve the problems outlined. FINDINGS

1.0 Mobile phones are rapidly developing and evolving these days. Due to its swift evolutions, mobile phones have become increasingly important. A boon for better communication, mobile phone usage nonetheless has many health hazards.

1.1 It is believed that the use of mobile phones may lead to a higher risk of brain cancer. It is said that the mobile phone radiation increases the risks of brain tumors as mobile phone acts as a microwave transmitter. Microwave promotes rapid cell aging. Hence, the mobile phone radiation will cause cancerous cells in the body to grow aggressively if mobile phones users use their cell phones continuously for long hours. In addition, the radiation emitted out is able to damage brain cells and trigger early Alzheimer. 1.2 Infertility is another major concern of the society which may be caused by mobile phones. Many studies have been done and it was reported that sperm counts and quality might be damaged by the radiation emitted from mobile phones. The outcomes of the experiments conducted showed that the sperm has a substantial decrease in swimming abilities which is a crucial factor in conception when mobile phones were placed by them. 1.3 It has been reported many mobile phone users experienced sleep disorder especially when they use their mobile phones shortly before going to sleep. A research shows that users of mobile phones experience difficulty in attaining quality sleep compared to those who put their phones away earlier in the day. This may be due to nightly disturbances by mobile phone calls or messages. Sleep disorder will eventually leads to headache, stress and depression. 1.4 As the number of mobile phone users increases, the way the mobile phone is dispose of has become an arising issue in our society today. This has become a growing concern as mobile phones contain toxic chemicals and metals which when it is leaked and continue to accumulate within our environment will lead to massive pollution, such as lead and land pollution. When consumed, lead can cause dangerous implications to humans’ bodies which can be fatal.

2.0 Mobility has contributed massively to the high rate of mobile phone usage in this generation. Everyone seems to own a mobile phone now as it is known to be a one’s need rather than a one’s want. However, many have acknowledged and expressed their concern on the social problems caused by mobile phones.

2.1 Not only can mobile phones have a negative impact on one’s health, they can also affecta person’s social life. Excessive use may result in family neglect. When one is constantly using the mobile phone, he or she would be distracted and pays very little attention to its surroundings and people around them. Family interaction would then be very limited as they find more reasons to stay with their mobile phones for longer hours. This results in significant reduction in interpersonal bonding among family members. 2.2 It is believed that mobile phones are the main cause to cheating on a loved one. As a...
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