Literature Review on Mobile Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Motorola Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: December 13, 2013
Today, mobile phones are very common and prevalent in our society. Human relationship and mental concentration are now replaced by electronic connections.Mobile phones have become a necessity and this industry is taking every one’s mind by storm. This technology brought many facilities with it i.e. convenience, ease of usage, accessibility because of which people gets connected with each other in case of emergency, can enjoy music, can carry it anywhere and many more. Alexander Graham Bell was the first one to patent telephone in the year 1876. Dr. Martin Cooper is known worldwide as the inventor of the modern day cell phone. He not only created the device but he was also the first individual to place a call from a mobile phone in 1973. The concept of e cell phone had been around since 1947, it took 26 years for that concept to make it to reality. . For many people cell phones have become their whole life. Children in today’s times know a lot more about using these devices than parents. Therefore, Parents generally need their child’s assistance to help them learn how to operate it. In return, this allows parents and children to have a certain bond and talk to each other more often than they did. More than half (53%) of teens that text message think their relationship with their parents has improved because of text messaging. Cell phones have become so popular that it has decreased face to face interaction which is not a healthy impact of life. In a survey conducted among the college students of 475, most of own a mobile phone while some of them have more than one phone. There are many who use more than one SIM in their phones. Some of them use smart phones. 90% of the students use the phone on internet to chat with their friends and most of them spent time in SMS’s. There are a few who browse their assignments and work. About 80% (percent) for listening to music and entertainment and spent most evenings with...
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