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Executive Summary
The development of a country depends up on the consolidate development of all infrastructures like-agricultural sector, industrial sector, financial sector, technological sector etc. But developing all these structures is not easy. A lot of troubles and threats always hinder and make difficulties to success. The most difficult problem is financial risk. So if it is feasible to provide financial protection then most of the structural development will be achievable with minimal efforts. And the most well known practical method for handling financial risk is insurance. Delta Life Insurance Company Limited was incorporated in November 10, 1986 and is mainly engaged in Ordinary Life (OL), Group Insurance (GI), Health Insurance (HI) business and non-traditional micro insurance business under the name of Gono-Grameen Bima (GN-GRB). The Company is a publicly traded Company and its shares are listed on the Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange. However, we have prepared this report on Delta Life Insurance Co. Ltd, which is one of the growing and prospective insurance companies in the insurance industry. The company is providing protection and financial security to the nation, whilst adding shareholders value thought customer service excellence. By the way of examining and evaluation the functions and performance of Delta Life Insurance Co. Ltd, we tried to illustrate a true scenario of insurance industry of Bangladesh. Our report topic is ³Overall Activities Delta Life Insurance Co. Lid´. So, to get an accurate realization about Delta Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Basically, we emphasize on underwriting process & claim settlement issues of Delta Life Insurance Company.

1. Introduction:
1.1 Origin:
As we are the student of business administration we have been authorized by our guide teacher to prepare a report on the activities of Delta Life Insurance Company given to the customers and their underwriting process and claim settlement.

1.2 Objectives of the report:
1.2.1: Broad Objectives: A broad objective is to find out the overall activities of Delta Life Insurance Company ltd and the procedure of underwriting processes and claim settlement issues 1.2.2: Specific Objectives:

1. To have a brief idea about insurance industry and their policy and procedures 2. To find out their services.
3. To find out the different products.
4. To find out the different types rates.
5. To find out the different types condition

1.3 Scope:
To find out the overall activities & accounts department of Delta Life Insurance Company ltd we have visited Motijheel Branch of Delta life insurance compny. 1.4: Methodology:
* Primary Data: Primary data was collected with the help of information given by M.Mosharaof Hossain, Assistant vice president, Delta life insurance company * Secondary Data: Secondary data was collected form the following sources: * Websites

* Books regarding insurance
* Articles on insurance policies

1.5: Limitations:
In this short time, we have tried to give our maximum effort to provide the information about the total activities of Delta Life Insurance Company ltd. Several drawbacks that appeared at the time of preparing the report and hindered the total work process are as under: Time limitation: The limitation of this study involved limited time frame that was available for completing such an in-depth report. Our semester consists of four month. Within this time most of the teachers give the assignment or report after mid term exam and we are required to prepare and submit assignment or report within this short time. As a result we had to divide time for preparing report for our courses. As a partial fulfillment of our course we also required to prepare this report within short time. So it was hard to complete tis assignment covering all important matters .

Other limitations:
* One of the main barriers of the...
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