Renova Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary3
2. Introduction & Background4
3. External Market Analysis5
Customer Analysis5
Target Market, Location, Size and disposable Income9
Competitor Analysis9
Trends, Growth & Size10
Macro Environment Factors10
Market Position11
Market Analysis12
4. Internal Analysis13
Current target market13
Competitive advantage13
Financial performance13
Past & Current Strategies14
Brand Marketing14
Current Marketing Mix: Four P’s16
Sales & Profits17
5. SWOT Analysis & Confrontation Matrix19
6. Corporate Strategy21
Customer Fidelity Program “Rolls on my Mind” by Renova23

1. Executive Summary

This marketing plan contains several conclusions, which are based on facts obtained by extensive research about the target market, company, customers, objectives, strategy and implementation. The main goal of Renova is to increase its market share in the Portuguese toilet paper industry. This market is notorious for its fierce competition and saturation, which strongly influences growth opportunities. Therefore strategies must be selected wisely and implemented thoroughly. Renova stands for a brand of well-being and wants to make the daily use of toilet paper to an experience that makes us feel better through improved personal hygiene. This marketing plan embodies comprehensive analyses and strategies how to focus even more on Renova’s brand positioning in the heads of its consumers as well as how to improve quality/attractiveness of the product through innovation and modification.

Concerning the marketing, Renova right now spends around 1.5 million. We believe this should be augmented until around 1.75 million, to make up for the costs of the fidelity program.

2. Introduction & Background

Renova is a private Portuguese-owned company that manufactures disposable tissues and hygiene products under the brand name Renova. The first reference to the Portuguese brand was in 1818 when David Ardisson used it as a watermark for the first sheet of paper manufactured on the banks of the Almonda River, in central Portugal. Toilet paper, Renova’s first product, appeared in 1958. Giant companies such as Sonae Distribucao, Grupo Jeronimo Martins, Auchan Group and further discounters control the tissue industry in Portugal. In Western Europe, Renova controlled less than 1% of the market in 2005, with Procter & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark accounting for the largest market share. Renova is a small company in comparison to other industry players and it is struggling to grow its market share to compete effectively with the main players. Additionally Renova faces fierce competition from retailers who stock up other brands, as well as their own private brands, which are relatively cheap in the market. A flat or horizontal company structure (few or no levels of intervening management between staff and managers. The idea is that well-trained workers will be more productive when they are more directly involved in the decision making process, rather than closely supervised by many layers of management), a learning organization model (company that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself) combined with a strong transformational leadership (assumption that people will follow a person who inspires them, a person with vision and passion getting his employees motivated by injecting enthusiasm and energy) are to support innovative steps of the company to fight private labels and increase its market share in this saturated market. In the following we will examine the central question how could Renova expand the business in its current markets, or how could it expand into new ones?

3. External Market Analysis
Customer Analysis


Targeted segment| Customer need| Offered solution|
Families with young...
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