Renaissance Dbq

Topics: Renaissance, Florence, Michelangelo Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: December 16, 2012
The Renaissance was a time of change and rebirth. It was also a time when many people had very different views. The Renaissance had begun in Italy and later moved to other countries. It began in about the Fourteenth Century and reproduced many classical ideas. During the Renaissance there were a couple key views including humanism, which is an outlook attaching prime importance to human rather than divine matters, and artistic expression, which is the belief that your feelings can be expressed through art, and both of these fall under individualism, which is the habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant.

In the Renaissance, humanism heavily influenced thinkers’ views. Humanism focuses on Greek and Roman influence, secularism, and the individual. Pico de Mirandola, an Italian Renaissance philosopher, in his “Oration of the Dignity of Man” states that man can cultivate and grow what he chooses. (Doc. 2) Pico shows that choice is important and can lead to individual achievements, which was vital to the view of the humanist toward man. Also, Francesco Petrarch, known as the Father of Humanism, shows that he possesses a keen intellect and that he likes moral philosophy and the art of poetry. (Doc. 5) This is showing the things that are accepted in the Renaissance period. This letter is how Petrarch is telling everyone about himself and what he likes. Humanism was very influential in the Renaissance times.

A second key view of the Renaissance period is Artistic Expression. Giorgio Vasari, a famous painter, writer, historian, and architect, says in his “Lives of Painters” discusses how Leonardo de Vinci had a rare gift of talent and ability to whatever subject he turned his attention. (Doc. 3) Here, Vasari is expressing that he believes Leonardo is the perfect “Renaissance Man”. Vasari is writing to show that many painters are very good at what they do but it is also good to be well rounded. Since Vasari is writing this and he is a painter, this is a...
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