Removing Implementation Barriers

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Removing Implementation Barriers

Removing Implementation Barriers
Henderson & Platt is a financial systems company that sells compatible financial applications (“Case in Point Removing Implementation Barriers,” 2004, p. 1). Intense competition has resulted in Henderson & Platt losing domestic market shares. The CEO believes that strengthening product features and expanding global markets will be the key to the future. To achieve this, a new strategy to strengthen their position on global markets will be the focus. Matilda is the vice president of financial applications and has a deep knowledge of market changes and industry trends. One skill she brings is recognizing when it is time to consider a new direction. Matilda also has a hands off leadership style allowing her directors to make decisions. However, for this effort Matilda is going to involve herself in developing plans for implementing the strategy. Jim is the director of translations and has been recently promoted from the sales team. Jim’s team is responsible for overseeing the translation of financial applications for the international markets. Stan is the director of product development and develops cutting edge products and really understands the needs of his domestic customers. Matilda sent a message to all her directors to let them know they need to balance global expansion with strengthening and protecting the domestic markets (“Case in Point Removing Implementation Barriers,” 2004, p. 3). Matilda attached a document for their review to proactively identify and address obstacles that stand in the way of carrying out the strategy. Matilda asks the team to gather honest feedback from their teams, including barriers in order to have a successful implementation. Matilda asked Jim to assemble a task force and asked Jim to include Stan. Jim assembled the task force and mentioned that Stan was hesitant and didn’t really think he had the time, but accepted anyway. Jim...
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