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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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Remove the write protection on a Micro SD.


Author: App13



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When I got my phone I got it for the mp3 player. What I didn't know is that they expected me to buy a $30 connector cable. I tried to be the smart consumer and just bought a Micro SD card with an adapter. I plugged that bad boy into my computer only to find out that it was write protected. I figured out the painfully obvious way to unlock it.


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Step 1 Adapter

The adapter is the size of a normal SD. Plug the micro into the bottom.


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Step 2 The easy part.

Using an air can (or just your lungs) blow into the adapter, plug in the card and DO NOT lock it into place. Just stick it in there and hope it stays. You may now have your way with the card. 70 comments Add Comment 1-40 of 70 next » Jul 28, 2012. 6:38 AM



really awesome fellas.... its workin.soooooooooooooooooo happy.......:))))))))))))) Reply



Jul 7, 2012. 9:20 PM


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I have a 2 gb SD Card I insert it on the Samsung adapter and then into my computer sd port and then windows show format disk I try one software to format my SD card, when I click on format windows shows " The Memory is write protected. Please release the write protect switch." then I check if there is any problem with my adapter the I insert another card on it and I try to format it works.....that means my Adapter is fine...So, how to release the write protect switch, if there is no problem with SD Card read the card Reply



Jul 4, 2012. 1:40 AM

sir. how to remove remove write protection from my micro sd card please give me advice. Reply



Jul 4, 2012. 1:38 AM

sir , ihave a problem when i start to copy any folder or image from computer . then a message have come your drive is write protected, remove or use other drive, please advice me to remove this write protection. Reply



Jun 14, 2012. 3:07 AM

All You gotta do is take out the adapter look at the side. It should say lock on it. If the little switch is on the arrow then move it up and u should be able to put files onto it now. Reply



Jun 1, 2012. 8:55 PM

how to download pdf?



Mar 10, 2012. 12:29 PM

I broke my lock. :( and it is on write protect. I'm using Sandisk micro SD. Won't i be able to use it again? please help. thanks :) Reply



Mar 6, 2012. 12:32 AM

Good grief. Was getting that blasted write protected message, but couldn't find a switch on the micro SD looked for it on the adapter and still could see it. Then I used a finger nail to see if it would snag anything, sure enough there it is. On this sandisk breed both the adapter body and the switch are both black. Good thing I did a web search before I tossed it in frustration. Now I don't know what to think, Windows said formatting complete, file manger shows no files, but my phone tells me the card is full. Next to read the phone manual. Until no I thought the protection in the full sized card was an actual electrical switch, but evidently it's optical like floppy disks Reply



Jan 6, 2012. 2:20 AM

i have a adapter but it does not have a switch (must of been broken off) and the write protection is on it. Is there any other way i can get it off? Reply...
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