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As I fix my office my goal is e to make my clients feel comfortable, secure, and keep a positive environment as much as I can. I wouldn’t want to make my clients to have a negative feeling due to the environment. Furthermore, to keep the clients confidentiality and identity safe, I would have and enter and exit doorways so as a result, clients may enter and when our session is over they may exit safely without anyone in the waiting room or lobby seeing them and for clients in the waiting room not being seen by them. This is a good way to prevent anyone who doesn’t want to be recognized at that moment. Next, I would have my computer desk in the far end of the room, and setup very comfortable three-seat couch, chair, and two lazy boy (beanbags) if they rather have that. For children and my clients’ babies I would have a little play center with safe and secure equipment from infant to toddler stages. This would make my clients to feel that their children are welcome if childcare is an issue. Then I would have a coffee table 6yand a small refrigerator with waters and sodas if my clients ever feel thirsty. Also, a blue carpet would be the kind of floor I would choose because it will keep children safe from accidental falls as well as, to keep my office warm and cozy. If my clients tend to be picky with the light and air system, i would have an a/c heater available next to custom switch lights. Finally, for my windows I would have them like one way mirrors so individuals may look outside but not inside the office. These are the main things I would have in my office mainly to have my clients comfortable and safe at all times. Although when I have better expectations and experience I would then modify my office depending on what is to come. Case of Eric Smith

Eric Smith is a twenty-four year old, single, German-American descent male, with down-syndrome and living in a condominium with a college roommate provided by his parents in Santa Maria, CA. He was referred to...
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