Religious Discrimination in Modern Society

Topics: Islam, Human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pages: 4 (1233 words) Published: January 20, 2008
Religious discrimination

There is a serious issue under debate that threatens the freedom of every individual to dress the way that they want, the freedom of expression and the right to practise their religion.
We are currently living in a society where basic human rights are violated, and bigots are allowed to dictate what women are allowed to wear and how they should follow their religion.
Laws and policies have been passed in countries such as France, banning people from practising their faith in public. It is now illegal to distinguish yourself as a follower of a religion in schools or other various agencies. Where it is not illegal, it is still detested and many people face discrimination and racial prejudice. Many people are alienated, Muslims in particular.

These Muslims are expected to adhere to laws opposing their religion, such laws that completely contradict basic human rights. Where is this so-called "freedom" now? In such a ‘highly advanced democratic society' why is it that people are not allowed to wear what they want?

It is appalling to see that people, Muslim women in this case, are not permitted to cover themselves as they deem appropriate and how their religion recommends. And this is in an alleged civilised society.

The victims of this furore are the Muslim women, who, ironically, never have the opportunity to voice their opinions. In such rare circumstances where this is allowed to happen, their perspectives are not seriously considered. In such atypical circumstances they are not understood, merely perceived as Islamic terrorists, Muslim fundamentalists, or in moderate situations as oppressed women hiding behind fabric.

Before objecting to a concept, it is crucial to understand the issue and upon reaching this, to give the fully justified reasons behind this objection.
The "hijab" is the common Arabic word referring to the garment used to cover a woman's hair. It is usually wrapped around the head. This act is in compliance...
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