Religion & Impact on Society

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  • Published : July 19, 2012
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Religion and the Impact on Society

Throughout history Functionalist, Conflict and Symbolic Interaction perspectives have had a major impact on the institution of religion. Each theory has a completely different outlook on society. People believe in different types of religion and most of the time their beliefs are based on their culture. Some individuals are looking to be accepted by society and others are influenced by their peers. Religious beliefs have a large impact on people based on their cultural background no matter what the meaning of their religion is. Religion is a big part of every society and society can dictate how people behave based on their religion.

The Functionalist perspective is according to individuals who answer every day life which has a purpose or showing. This theory can be credited to Auguste Comte and Emile Durkheim. It is from this proven reality that signifies its advantage as a work. In functionalism, community is considered more important because an individual is developed by the community because individuals are the item or service the public impacts upon them. The impact thinking has on the Functionalism Concept is it has different religious points to every individual. Religion’s functions include confidence, wish, and understanding in an improved energy. “Religious training motivates the well-being of individuals, close relatives, and the community” (Fagan 2006). The indicating of belief is according to people in different societies.

This theory also believes that with every function there is a dysfunctional part of a person’s choice. Every culture has a religion they believe in. It is not actually right or incorrect, but knowing in their social belief is what makes them feel they are right. “In the United States alone, 95% of the population reportedly believes in life after death” (Bainbridge 2006). Every culture out there adapts to their society with includes religion. Functionalists do not like to...
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