Religion and Culture

Topics: Middle East, Religious toleration, Politics Pages: 4 (1026 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Research Outline – 2nd Edition
a.International relations theory traditionally excludes the discussion of religion and culture. Each particular theory has its own reasons for doing so, but this discussion will summarize the existing arguments against the exclusion of religion and it will analyze the importance of religion to stable and cooperative governments. The role of religion and corresponding political stability in three Middle Eastern nations (Egypt, Iran, and Lebanon) will be examined in recent history and demonstrate that a balance between tolerance and regard for religion but separation of it from policy is the key to domestically stable and internationally cooperative government. I.Introduction

a.The role of religious tolerance in Middle Eastern countries and its correlation to stability and international acceptance. b.Countries for close examination are Lebanon, Egypt, and Iran. c.These countries demonstrate a variety of religious intolerances and various levels of stability and international cooperation. d.Research question: Is religious intolerance responsible for the internal stability or instability of these countries? Would secularized government with religious tolerance improve their IR standings? II.Literature Review

a.“Another Great Awakening” by Barnett1.
i.Discusses the importance of religion to international relations theories, despite religion being generally ignored by this branch of political science. ii.This source will help demonstrate why religion plays such an important role in domestic and foreign concerns of governments. It will provide support when religion is incorporated into IR theory. b.“Religion, Culture, and International Conflict by Cromartie2. i.Discusses the impact of religion on international relations, particularly with regard to the Middle East. ii.This source will help discuss the delicate balance between tolerance of religion by the state and the importance of separation between the two...
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