Relevance of Attitude

Topics: Psychology, Thought, Idea Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: April 28, 2013
* Relationship between couple;
* Relationship between co-workers;
* Relationship between families;
* Relationship with yourself; and
* Relationship with the world.
We deal with relationship every day.  The moment we wake up, we build a relationship with our family, our spouse, children and other family members.  When we leave our house, we create a relationship with our neighbors and community.  As we ride public transport or driving our car on the way to our destination, we form a relationship to other people.  And once we reach our work, school or business office, we continue to mingle with people. Relationship building is very crucial in our daily life, but most of us neglect its importance.  Often, people just think of themselves and just think of how to benefit from other people.  Our world become so independent that almost everyone is just thinking to survive for themselves, in expense of others.  I call this way of thinking as the “ME World”. This society has forgotten the importance of having an inter-dependent connection I call, the “WE World”. That happening in my life taught me a very important lesson, that’s having a “Win-Win Attitude”.  In order to succeed in life, you don’t need to sacrifice everything, you don’t need to outdo anyone, and you don’t need to prove yourself as worthy winner.  Life is not a jungle to survive alone, life is a community of people, and it’s about relationship.  And for you to excel in this interconnected world, keep a “win-win attitude”. An attitude of working and doing for the common good and mutual benefit. Everyone has down days, but a good attitude can help pull you through even the worst of times. Whether you're dealing with problems at work, at home or with the family, looking at life with a positive viewpoint can help you cope with challenges that are sure to come your way. The Causes of Negative Attitude

* Limiting beliefs.
* Negative family/friends.
* Negative environment.
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