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Topics: Family, Interpersonal relationship, Learning Pages: 4 (1075 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Prompt: Family relationships are more important than those built with friends and peers.

Getting started: First of all, I though about the texts, in order decide if I could think of scenarios from the Black Balloon to support my arguments. Then I came up with the following general ideas that I knew I would be able to find evidence to back up.

Family relationships teach responsibility
Family relationships allow for learning by making mistakes
Family relationships provide the skills needed to function in other relationships.

So each paragraph will discuss one of the ideas above, and my contention supports the prompt. The contention, however, does not have to support the prompt necessarily. It can simply discuss different aspects and truths raised through the prompt.

The Essay

All types of relationships hold value and significance in the lives of individuals. It is those built between family members, however, that are the most important. Firstly, family relationships teach individuals how to uphold a sense of responsibility. Each individual plays a vital role and carries a unique responsibility within the family unit. Secondly, Families provide tolerant and nurturing environments for individuals to learn, by allowing mistakes to be made and as well as personal decision-making to occur. Finally, what makes family relationships most important is that learning healthy and productive ways to communicate begins within the family. Without stable home and family lives, individuals are less likely to be armed with the skills required for successful relationships outside the family unit – that is: with peers and friends.

Learning the value of responsibility is a key ingredient to fostering successful relationships. Nowhere is this more evident than in the family. People do not have a choice when it comes to being part of a family – initially at least. Once part of a family, it is the role of each individual to establish their...
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