“Valuable Character Traits in an Ideal Family”

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  • Published : December 3, 2011
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Birth, not only does one’s life begin with this breath but the pivotal relationship called a family is formed. This relationship will become the basis in all future relations whether it is with a significant other, neighbor, or boss. What is learned in the family dynamics will instill concrete characteristics that will follow throughout life. The pertinence of these relationships causes many to delve into what makes a family ideal. Communication, compassion, and caring are the three traits that, for me, make a family wholesome. Communication is the number one (in my personal onion) characteristic in any successful relationship. Communicating allows one to express their thoughts, feelings and actions while requiring the skill to actively listen and partake in discussions, while others do the same. The ability to understand what is being said may be the final point in this expressive triad but is far from the least important. Communication is the understanding and living of the “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” motto, in every relationship no matter how minor. For how can listening and adapting be expected of someone, when the behaviors are not returned by the one requiring it? A positive example of communication would be an interaction between mother and daughter… Daughter: “hey mom there is this party that Katy is throwing on Saturday night and I was wondering if I had all my homework done, and my room cleaned before the party started if I could go just for like two or three hours. Please? Mother: I don’t know the last party that Katy threw her parents didn’t know about, will there be any adults chaperoning this time? And just how big of a party is this going to be? You know our rules. Daughter: Yes, Katy’s older brother and his wife are staying with her while her parents are out of town, you can call them. And I know no drinking, drugs, or boys and call if there is any sign of trouble… does this mean I can go? Mother: I guess, after I talk to...
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