Relationships between Belarus and Ukraine with Eastern Europe

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Executive Summary
The purpose of this report is to analyse the relationships between Belarus and Ukraine with the EU. The aim is to discover the benefits and limitations of both parties. The research shows that both the Belarus and EU can benefit from each other; however, it is extremely difficult for Belarus to be a part of EU due to their human rights record and their strict law. Moreover, Belarus does not agree that complying with the EU is the best direction for the country, since the president does not agree with rules and regulations of the EU. The research also shows that Ukraine can benefit from EU. Nonetheless, they have poor human rights record like Belarus, which prevents them from eligibility of joining the EU. It is arguable that the benefits may offset the drawbacks of joining EU as EU provides stability and improvements in the living condition of both Ukrainians and Belarusian. In addition, the EU would definitely benefit from this relationship. This includes the strong steel industry in Ukraine that will further improve the European economy due to the reduction in border controls between Ukraine and Western Europe. It is impossible to enter the EU in the near future. Nevertheless, Ukraine and Belarus can still qualify to join the EU if they comply with the rules and regulations that the EU deem appropriate and the fast recovery of their human rights record. Limitations on the report includes:

The use of an old source from the 1960s
The researchers are based on professional predictions on the benefits of the European Union, should Belarus and Ukraine join the EU. Introduction

For our group project on the EU’s relations with Eastern Europe, we have chosen to focus on Belarus and the Ukraine as we were enticed to the fact that they are both Eastern European countries yet are not members of the EU. topic is current as developments are still being made presently, and therefore we felt this topic was thought provoking as we could observe the progress of relations between these countries and the EU. We decided that to ensure a clear focus, it would be best to divide the sections of the project amongst group members. These sections were done either individually or in pairs, and only the slides and appendices were done as a group. The contents of our report were compiled using a variety of methods. We used the internet to initiate our research and then accessed a range of texts to obtain a more in depth and broader understanding of our areas. We read the relevant chapters of the core book, journals, related newspapers, press releases, and electronic resources carefully to extract the most significant material. These sources abled us to acquire to dateinformation and supporting evidence. The assortment of material available broadened our knowledge and horizons and we gained a wide range of opinions and arguments.

To collaborate our content to form a complete and thorough project we had to use effective methods of communication. We did this through our weekly tutorial lessons, but also during the week in our free time. We often communicated via Facebook, but also phone, text or email to keep each other updated on our progress, share work and ideas and to arrange meetings.

Through these methods we suggested improvements and provided feedback, clarified and reiterated our aims and set deadlines, and started pulling the report together. We also helped each other overcome any difficulties faced and cleared any queries, whether this was regarding the work specifically or any group conflicts.

We faced a few small hiccups within the group but through effective communication cleared any misunderstandings. We did face a serious setback when one team member failed to communicate with the group and contribute to the project (see appendices). After attempting all methods to get in touch with the member, we were still unable to resolve the situation which resulted in the removal of the member from our...
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