Orange Revolution in Ukraine

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  • Published : February 15, 2011
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C/E essay
The Orange Revolution in Ukraine
The Orange Revolution was the first revolution that ever happened in Ukraine, becoming an independent country. The Orange Revolution was a campaign of protests, meetings, pickets, strikes and other actions of civil disobedience; it was organized and led by Victor Yushchenko's supporters. Victor Yushchenko was a major candidate of the opposition during the presidential elections in November-December, 2004. On November 21, 2004 central Selective Commission gave the preliminary results of the presidential election to the public in which Victor Yanukovich, who was Victor Yushchenko’s contender, had won. This event caused a big protest by Victor Yushchenko’s supporters in Kiev, the western side of Ukraine, and also all over the world. Because of the results of the central Selective Commission, the revolution was spread for the whole country of Ukraine, starting from Kiev, to the rest of the world. This Orange Revolution was a huge political event that changed the course of the history in Ukraine. Kiev’s Independence Square became the epicenter, where people came from different parts of Ukraine to struggle for their rights and a new future. People in Ukraine were tired of hearing lies and empty words from the presidents and the government. A lot of Ukrainians didn’t believe in a person who could change the Ukrainian economy. But for some reason people believed that Victor Yushchenko was the one person who could change the Ukrainian history. From November 22, when Ukrainians found out the results of the reelection, they didn’t want to be silent anymore and didn’t want to live another four years without any changes, instead they went on to the streets with these words: “Together we are many! We cannot be defeated!” Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators came out in the cold streets to show their support for the opposition, and to achieve another round of voting. According to an article “History in the Making” which is...
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