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When critical time enters in our everybody’s life, it might be a difficult thing for us to handle. Such type of condition u people always faces in life... We can say life a little bit a collection of such good-bad & sweet-sour situations which just enters and change our life forever.

Mostly the condition teaches us a lot of ethics and morals just about the relationship. Such a relationship which we don’t want to loose or which we want to loose... CONFUSED..!!!??(About last lines...?);

Don’t get confused…lets clear it here…

Look guys, I use the word “the relationship which we don’t want to loose and the relation which we want to loose…” A very simple difference and a lot between these are: all relations are somewhat loving and closed to us. But sometimes it may happen that the person next to us doesn’t want to keep the same relationship, or they create such type of line which enforces us to break it. The best solution on such is to try once to heal the gap between us and give them some time to think about that, if it works then Cheers…!! Else release them from such bindings which irritate them and go ahead… Because we are not the people who can take the decisions about their life... Every Human Being has its own life to enjoy., and also Every Human Being has its own Rights to follow..!! Who are the we people to bind them..?? We are not creator of their rights who make bindings on them... We were just the small part of life which is not necessary to them for survival... Love in any Relationship is like bird. Just set it free from your heart… if it comes back then it yours... If it doesn’t then it was never yours….

Sometimes it may happen that some persons irritate us by just their evil thoughts or deeds of actions... They own creates and let us used to create the gap between both & spoils the relations. These peoples never think about the mistakes they had... in such case they creates a long lasting anger in our...
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