Relationship vs Loyalty Test

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HT City Story / Relationships Vs Loyalty Test

Should relationships put to a test? Some may answer this question with a big YES reflecting complexities in their relationships while some may oppose the idea, showing full confidence over their relationships. Both the views of two different people are correct in their own way. Emotional Attyachar, TV show that allows one to spy over his/her partner on stupid note of ‘loyalty’ is the origin of such tests.

“Yes, loyalty tests are important because 90% of the men attract towards pretty faces very often. Such people are not trustworthy at all.” Says Ayush, IT professional. What makes people to approach such programs? Lack of trust, over possessiveness, good for nothing doubting nature may be few reasons behind it. But real people have real problems that are directly and indirectly catered to by such shows.

Inspired from this UTV BINDASS hardcore, our city people found the way out to clear doubts of such beau at local level. One of the famous FM channel of the city, made it happen by conducting such loyalty test for its listeners.

The program has proved fruitful for few and disappointing for the others. A suspicious girlfriend Riya after proven wrong, asked her boyfriend to pardon her for doubting on him via this FM channel. If you are so not sure on your love then why to regret after proven wrong?

There are also people who consider the idea of such tests as ‘immoral’. “It means you yourself are not loyal that you are thinking to make your partner undergo such disgusting test. It can prove devastating for relationship further. So better try to solve problems at the personal level.” Says Prasoon, engineering student.

One of the city psychologists, S.S Agnihotri states the reason behind such tests as trust, flirtatious nature, number of relationships and the time span. Also adds up by saying “People conduct loyalty tests for fun reasons also. Have time and money to spend on such stuff! Else why a wife...
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