Relationship Between Private and Public Police

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  • Published : December 24, 2012
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Relationship between Private and Public Police
Axia College of University of Phoenix
The condition of the economy today in the United States is dictating changes for many Americans. People are losing their jobs and homes in record numbers. Desperate times will give way for desperate people to resort to desperate acts; often criminal. As the national crime rate continues to rise, government funding is continuing to drop. Government budgets operating in the red are dictating a reduction of government workers on every level; sworn personnel are not exempt. Private companies and high profile public figures cannot depend solely on the services of government police for protection.

When evaluating the amount of protection services available through government law enforcement, it is customary for businesses and individuals to turn to private security and policing to meet protection needs. Over the last few decades this has become an issue containing several points of concern and controversy. Threats to the liberty of citizens have proven true by the actions of law enforcement agents sworn to uphold the constitution. There is a growing concern that police employees of privately owned firms are foremost committed to the allegiance of the people who employ them. Limited Personnel

The United States Department of Justice recommends that police agencies employ 2.5 sworn law enforcement officers per one thousand residents. Realistically there are some cities that have as low as 1 officer per one thousand residents. Due to the many undocumented and non-sourced persons by the Census Bureau’s there is an estimated 3.5 million homeless people as well as the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants that are not part of the Census reports. It is very possible that the current statistics of police per capita are lower than reported.

Generally, illegal immigrants and homeless people tend to occupy lower income areas. The very cities that have the most need for law...
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