Relationship Between “Higher Education and Training” and “Technological Readiness”: a Secondary Analysis of Countries Global Competitiveness

Topics: Higher education, Technology, Secondary education Pages: 24 (6970 words) Published: October 6, 2012
American Journal of Scientific Research ISSN 1450-223X Issue 48 (2012), pp. 135-148 © EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2012

Relationship between “Higher Education and Training” and “Technological Readiness”: A Secondary Analysis of Countries Global Competitiveness Saeed Safari Assistant Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences Shahed University, Tehran, Iran E-mail: Tel: +98-912-6200766 Rohollah Ghasemi Corresponding Author, Ph.D Student of Production and Operations Management University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran E-mail: Tel: +98-935-8070906 Akram Elahi Gol M.Sc. Candidate of MBA, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran E-mail: Tel: +98-912-5960073 Yousef Mirzahossein Kashani M.Sc. Candidate of Industrial Management Islamic Azad University (Central Tehran Branch), Tehran, Iran E-mail: Tel: +98-936-3700534 Abstract The concept of competitiveness has attracted abundant attentions of both scholars and governors during the past decade. During this period, the World Economic Forum has published its annual reports which encompass Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) in order to measure national competitiveness in different countries. This paper aims at investigating the interaction between the two sets of “Higher Education and Training” and “Technological readiness” as the two basic pillars of national competitiveness in order to provide information for improving national competitiveness in countries that are in stage II of development (efficiency-driven economies). In our study, we used descriptivecorrelation methodology. The statistical population was 139 countries whose GCI data were included in GCI 2010 report. Also, we employed Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) to investigate interaction between two sets of “Higher education and training” and “Technological readiness”. Our findings show that there is a significant and positive relationship between the set of “Higher education and training” and that of “Technological readiness”.

Relationship between “Higher Education and Training” and “Technological Readiness”: A Secondary Analysis of Countries Global Competitiveness Keywords: Global Competitiveness, Higher education and training, Technological readiness, Canonical Correlation Analysis.


1. Introduction
In globalization age, the economic competition among countries and economic enterprises has increased globally. The concept of competitiveness has been applied by Michael Porter at a wide extend of competitiveness of enterprise and industry to national and global competitiveness (Porter and Schwab, 2008). In global economy, the competitiveness means the ability of obtaining suitable and constant situation at international markets. In view of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the ability of a country in producing commodities and services for presentation in international markets is one of the most important dimensions of competitiveness. The competitiveness means reaching of internal commodities and services to international markets. The competitiveness has been also defined as the ability of an economy for stabilization of its share in the market and in all these definitions, the concept of competitiveness attracts attention as obtaining a suitable place in international markets for products of a country (Karimi-Hesenijeh, 2007). The countries and enterprises and industrial organizations have justified the relationship between innovation and economical success. The development of technology helps the innovators to move at first line of market. Therefore, the application of technology (in addition to its development) is one of the key factors of success in global competition (Khalil, 1999). The changes in globalization process means that the nations cannot reach suitable development just from producing commodity and services for national markets. In 21st century, the...
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