Related Literatures

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Chapter 2
Review of Related Literature and Studies
This chapter consists of the related studies and literature in local and foreign settings. The fact that vocabulary is an important component of reading comprehension for all readers has been well established. Much of the research into vocabulary learning strategies has been aimed at determining the most effective vocabulary memorization techniques. In these articles and studies, it shows several specific strategies and researches that supports our study.

Foreign Literature
McAndrew (2008) presents that vocabulary development is a necessity and essential especially on College Students and University Students. He also claims that there are so many reasons why increasing college and university vocabulary is important in relation to college and university exams, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE); the SAT; the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT); and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The article emphasizes that vocabulary development is required by a wide cross section of society.

Cohen (2008) noted that one way to improve your vocabulary is to hear it. This article shows that vocabulary building can occur via listening, even when the listener is exposed to a minimal amount of new words. He also point that just by listening, even without repetition, which is a noted way of building vocabulary, vocabulary development can occur. And that it is also necessary for learners both English as a second language learners and native speakers to hear English before actually reading the words.

In relation to this, a study by Vidal revealed that students who listened just 3 lectures demonstrated reasonable increases in vocabulary. It is suggested that listening could substitute for reading in regards to increasing vocabulary, and that when used with interactive teaching exposure to audio increases vocabulary development.

Gao & Santos (2007) stated that with the ever increasing ease at...
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