Related Literature in Food Chain Industry

Topics: Employment, Motivation, Job satisfaction Pages: 3 (763 words) Published: February 10, 2011
Job Satisfaction plays a vital role in the operation of the firm. It is primarily responsible in keeping the employees because an organization would be nothing without its people. Job satisfaction is something that gives employee a rush every time a new assignment or project comes his/her way. Job Satisfaction is directly proportional to the feelings of happiness and contentment in the minds of employees about their jobs. The following review of related literature is divided into five factors affecting job satisfaction, namely: 1.Satisfactory salary

2.Personal Development
3.Recognition and Encouragement
4.Meeting of goals
5.Working Conditions

Satisfactory salary

This one would be the most basic factor that leads to taking up a job because it is the means to an end theory. Edwin A. Locker's "Affect Theory” states that job satisfaction refers to what one wants in a job and what one has in a job. It is obvious that a person will be satisfied if he gets what he wants. The pay that one gets and the growth pattern of that pay - periodic intervals for an appraisal or employee performance based appraisal will influence the job satisfaction to a great level. If the employee is happy with his pay, it will show in his work by increasing his productivity.

Personal Development
Other than the salary factor, job satisfaction factors statistics show that any worker will thrive in an environment that provides constant challenges. There needs to be something that keeps him on the go, constantly having to think and use his thinking powers and his skills, education and expertise to reach a solution. A job that is not monotonous and provides for a challenging environment that allows an employee to prove herself over and over again leads to greater job satisfaction.

Recognition and Encouragement
"Dispositional theory" put forth by Timothy A. Judge establishes a direct link between self-esteem and believing in one's...
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