Rehetorical Analysis in 'the Necklace'

Topics: Guy de Maupassant, Short story, Wealth Pages: 3 (933 words) Published: March 25, 2012
Guy de Maupassant’s story ‘the necklace’ is an interesting story. The narrative starts with a description of Madame Mathilde Loisel. De Maupassant depicts Mathilde as a ‘pretty and charming’ person. However, she desired a life of leisure, a lifestyle where she would have many servants and a large house yet her life was modest. The twists and the astounding end enable the reader to better understand the earlier hypothesis of the story. The proposition tries to depict how ‘strange and changeful’ life could be. The writer has incorporated a rounded quality, an excellent plot, unrivaled social observations and comprehensive information makes the story more captivating. De Maupassant uses character, symbolism, and irony to show that greed can end in tragedy. While introducing the story, Maupassant presents minimal information regarding the most significant characters, an aspect which enhances the plot of the story. Character

In reference to character, Mathilde Loisel’s gluttony makes her assume that objects can transform her life. She desires what she does not have yet other people have. The character of desire coupled with the perception that objects can change life lead Mathilde to her downfall when she borrows the necklace and misplaces it. Consequently, Mathilde’s perception of wealth is that the rich are comfortable and idle. She only laments as evidenced by her saying ‘it annoys me not to have a jewel.’ Mathilde further states that she would ‘look like distress’ if she went to the party without a jewel. As such, her state of affairs and such weakness becomes her source of most of her troubles. At the party, Mathilde fulfills her dream of appearing wealthy and beautiful. However, after the party reality downs on her and she is reduced to coping with hard life in a bid to replace the necklace. The difficulties that she goes through make her lose her dream of elegance. With regard to the fore mentioned, the disparity between Mrs Loisel’s ambition and actuality...
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