Reflex Systems Case

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  • Published : July 25, 2012
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Reflex System sold exercise equipment to high school and colleges and to smaller- and medium-size businesses for recreation centers. It has 310 salespeople and its low prices won a lot of sales, but follow-up service was uneven. The new customer relationship management software (CRM) system promised to resolve those problems and the CEO ordered the installation of the system immediately. Henry Rankin was responsible for the technical implementation of the system for the western and eastern sales offices in L.A. and Chicago and was given ten weeks by boss, Nicole Dyer, the Senior Vice President for Information Technology. His possible promotion in two years, when his boss retires, depended on his success with the project. Henry’s personality seems to be conscientiousness which is the degree to which a person is focus on a few goals, thus behaving in ways that are responsible, dependable, persistent, and achievement-oriented. He also seems to have emotional stability which is the degree to which a person is calm, enthusiastic, and self-confident, rather than tense, depressed, moody, or insecure. Henry Rankin is Intuitive-Thinking type of person. He loved studying, analyzing, and solving technical problems when he could get time alone. He had always been a top performer by driving himself hard and had been in his management position for three years and was frustrated when members of his team didn’t seem as committed. Henry is very hard working person and his job have a top priority in his life. He can’t understand that other employees don’t want to work 24h a day. His team is tired and it’s hard to push them even harder. This could be a good person-job fit. Henry is a top performer in his job. These mean that his personality fit into job description. He knows how to motivate his team and get great results. I think that sometimes Henry has to slow down, relax and spent some time with his family. And in the same time he has to give some private time to his team...
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