Reflective Study: Issues and Trends in Nursing

Topics: Nursing, Nurse, Nurse education Pages: 11 (3665 words) Published: September 7, 2012

During the reflective study, there a lot of partier giving helpful hand to make and finish my reflective study. Therefore, it will be unfair if I put a side their contribution rather. Firstly, the special thank goes to my helpful Staff Nurse Suhaini. The supervision and support that he gave truly help the progression and smoothness of the internship program. Also thanks for your skill and knowledge that you have thought me in the progress of completing my research. The skills and knowledge’s that you have thought that helps me to cope this nurse must have strength. The co-operation is much indeed appreciated. My grateful thanks also go to all that involved directly or indirectly. A big contribution and hard worked from them of you during two weeks is very great indeed. All projects during the programwould be nothing without the enthusiasm and imagination from them. Besides, this internship program makes me realized the value of working together as a team and as a new experience in working environment, which challenges us every minute. Not forget, great appreciation go to the rest of P.R.H WAN NONG staff that help from time to time during the project. The whole program really brought us together to appreciate the true value of friendship and respect of each other. Great deals appreciated go to the contribution of my college- Masterskill College Health Sciences . I am also like to thankful the clinical unit posting department because send me go to the posting area. Not forget to my patient that in helping me complete this research. I am so happy and thankful to god because I can finish fully my research.


Reflective study is the capacity to reflect on action so as to engage in a process of continuous learning, which according to the originator of the term, is “one of the defining characteristics of professional practice.” According to one definition it involves “paying critical attention to the practical values and theories which inform everyday action, by examining practice reflectively and reflexively. This leads to developmental insight.” Reflective study can be an important tool in practice-based professional learning setting where individuals learning from their own professional experiences, rather than from formal teaching or knowledge transfer, may be the most important sources of personal professional development and improvement. As such the notion has achieved wide take-up, particularly in professional development for practitioners in the areas of education and healthcare. The question of how best from experience has wider relevance however, to any organizational learning environment. Skill an ability and capacity acquired through deliberate, systematic, and sustained effort to smoothly and adaptively carryout complex activities or job functions involving ideas (cognitive skill), things (technical skill), and/or people (interpersonal skills). See also competence. Other than that, the familiar knowledge of any art or science, united with readiness and dexterity in execution or performance, or in the application of the art or science to practical purposes: power to discern and execute; ability to perceive and perform; expertness; aptitude: as the skill of mathematician, physician, surgeon, mechanic, etc. growing interest in the Magnet Recognition program TM has fostered increased awareness and use of evidence-based nursing care practices (American Nurses Credentialing Center, 2005). Increasingly, nurse administrators expect nursing practice to be evidence-based within their organizations. Achieving that expectation requires strategies that simultaneously educate, stimulate, and support all nursing staff in identifying clinical nursing questions and searching for evidence-based nursing interventions to address these questions. The purpose of this study was to implement and evaluate to effects of such strategies at a rural community hospital.

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