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Topics: Leadership, Management, Coaching Pages: 5 (1801 words) Published: May 1, 2013
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Name | Kruti Mehta|

Module Title:(e.g. [title] ):| Reflective Journal|

Coursework no(e.g. 1 or 2) & type (essay, etc.), if applicable| 1 – Reflective journal| Coursework Title:(Can be abbreviated)| Reflective journal| Deadline:| 2/05/2013, 17:00|
Date Submitted:| 2/05/2013|
Word Count:| 1517|

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Eye contact and meditation

(i) Eye Contact
The first exercise that we did was about eye contact. We were asked to select a partner whom we did not know and we were asked to stare into each other’s eyes for about a minute. This exercise helped me to get a bit used to the person and to know him well. Eye contact is a very good way to communicate with others, especially strangers. It helps us to get a sense of belonging. It also helps us to reflect the sense of leadership a bit better. It was a bit weird in the starting, as we didn’t really know the person. But towards the end, it became comfortable. After that, we were asked to find another partner and repeat the same exercise, but this time, we had to hold each other’s hands. This time, it became very awkward and weird but even hilarious at times. I realized that I was pretty comfortable with it and I did not find it as awkward as the others did. It has helped me to realize that as a leader, eye contact with the people and proper communication skills are very important. It has also made me realize that to be a leader, I need to be able to respond to a situation very well and to do that; I need to maintain proper eye contact with my people and followers. It can be used to develop authenticity and come out of our comfort zone. The fact that if you, as an individual are able to push yourself outside of your comfort zone in the everyday things you do, then you'll grow as a person and learn more about yourself i.e. increased self awareness.

(ii) Meditation
In this particular exercise, we were made to close our eyes, keep our legs flat on the floor and keep our hands on our lap. We had to meditate for about five minutes. Meditation is a practice by which an individual relaxes himself while engaging in any activity of life. An individual uses meditation to train his mind or induce a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or as an end in itself. It was important for my understanding of leadership because it helps me to just keep calm and to take decisions without being nervous or in haste. Meditation helps to increase focus, control and regulate our emotions. It helps to increase...
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