Reflective Essay - Professional Selling

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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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| Role of Selling in Modern Business  [Topic 1].Attributes of a successful sales person was the main thing that appealed to me within topic one. Self discipline, good communication skills, hunger for success, willingness to learn and passion are all attributes that I believe I have. Aligning these attributes with my own was important as it assured me that I was making the right decision in pursuing a career in professional sales.I have been involved with retail sales for the last seven years, including key holder positions with four different stores. I feel that it is fair to say that my hunger for success was the most influencing factor is my decision to pursue a sales career; I am very interested in a career in which my income reflects how hard I work. As I am a passionate guy I would also like to this, when faced with this opportunity I would prove my worthiness. Learning that my attributes align with that of a successful sales person was also a contributing factor in my continuing with the course. As I am taking extra papers this semester I was not sure if I would be able to keep up with the work load, it assured me that I had made the right decision in picking up professional selling. I feel that I am a very good communicator as well, although there is always room for improvement. I am in my final semester of a BCS and would like to think what I have learnt over the last three years have made me a better communicator, and in turn a better sales person. | •| The Psychology of Selling: Key Concepts  [Topic 2].As I have been a salesman for the last seven years the thing that stood out to me the most was that customer orientated sales are much different from sales orientated selling. More specifically the small cartoon within the graph, slide 14 in week two. This cartoon identifies the four different types of salesmen as the professional, the lost, the shark and the out of work. The graph represents the concern for the customer, and the concern for the sale that each type of salesmen has. Although a very simple cartoon graph it is very easy to follow, I was also able to identify from previous experience examples of all four types of salesmen. Through working in a sports store as well as an outdoor retailer I have had many encounters with sales reps, giving me first had experience of the sales process over time and time again. Ron, my boss, continues to give me more responsibility, giving me more experience and showing the importance of being a processional salesman.A professional salesman has the right balance of concern for the customer and concern for the sale. I aspire to be a professional salesman, I see it as being the most effective method to gaining sales as I will build credibility and relationships with my customers, encouraging repeat sales which can be a vital factor in the success of a salesmen. I feel that although I have concern for the customer, I am more focused on the sale. I would class myself between a shark and a professional salesman, but this is something that I aim to change in the near future.  | •| Sales Prospecting and Appointment-making  [Topic 3]. Sales’ prospecting is the process of identifying potential customers. For topic three I believe the six rules of introducing yourself stood out the most, although a simple process it can change a customer’s perception instantly. Running a retail store I have received many of these phone calls but have only made very few, it made me think about the calls I have received and how effective they really are. I would be more likely to give my full attention to someone who is professional and able to introduce themselves properly. The six rules appealed to me the most as they are polite yet very effective; after all you only get one shot at a first impression. It is so easy to say good morning or good afternoon, and just as easy to say who you are. This would create a good first impression and build credibility as the customer would know who...
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