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  • Published : February 20, 2011
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Last year, I heard many different views about the Business Strategy course but they all seemed to scream “Thinking About Bull****” synonymous for Thinking About Business (now known as Evidence-Based Management). I was given advice to attend the guest lectures since they are the most important lectures, as they are examinable. However, being highly motivated and excited for the year ahead, I diligently went to all the lectures and wrote down notes. I laughed at the thought of having to keep a learning diary at my age, but went along with it anyway. Then in April, I had an accident in which I had a near-death experience and my car was written off. Almost everything in my life changed, and so did my perception of Business Strategy. During my recovery period, I began thinking about myself, my personality and other aspects of my life, and as a result I read my learning diary. My learning diary was no longer a joke to me, because it helped me to reflect and to learn more about myself. Most importantly, it helped me to appreciate my ability to bring about change and be the person I envisioned myself to be. The lecture on “Being Proactive” by David Priilaid influenced me the most during this period. It taught me that I am a reactive person with a large “circle of concern”, and it helped me to realise the affect it was having on my life and me. It was then that I accepted that my accident along with other bad incidents was out of my control, but I should not let it dictate my life thereafter. The change in my thought process has taken a while to get used to, and I sometimes still let things affect me, but now I take time to think about it and assess the way I react. I started to keep a learning diary not only for Business Strategy but for everything, and I have learnt that reflecting upon things can help me to grow as a person and to learn from the mistakes that I have made. Now, when I find myself in an unfortunate position, I try to think about ways that I can improve...
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