Reflective Assessment

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  • Published : May 31, 2012
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Reflective Assessment
Latoya Bess
EDU 695 MAED Capstone
Dr. Jacqueline Ryan-Rojas
May 7, 2012

Reflective Assessment
Bridging the gap in college enrollment by introducing and maintaining college outreach programs to more low income and first generation students can be very beneficial for 8th grade students before entering high school. Because many students are not exposed to opportunities created by earning college degrees many of them are choosing to drop out of high school in search of alternate routes to acquire wealth. These students come from very poor families and live in low income communities where college has not been an option. If provided the opportunity, more students will take the time to research and make considerations to attend a higher education learning facility. Many low income students are not being introduced to higher education and have no true understanding of the advantages of obtaining a college degree. Therefore, many of them play around and do not take high school serious. Early exposure to college enrollment to low income students can be accomplished with the help of community members, parents, students, instructors, and college administration. Assessing standardized test scores starting with 8th grade to compare college enrollment between students exposed to TRIO programs and students who have not had prior exposure to TRIO programs can help understand the problem. TRIO programs are federal outreach and students services programs that are set up to help low income, first generation students, and students with disabilities succeed in college by introducing college enrollment in middle school (Department of Education, 2012). Several assessments will have to be in place to increase college enrollment among low income students compared to middle-class students in Louisiana. There are two major forms of assessments. According to Butler and McMum, formative assessments occur during the learning process and measures academic...
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