Reflection Report

Topics: Skill, Time, Presentation Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: September 12, 2008
Reflective Report

There are a couple of reasons why I decide to pursue further studies. Firstly is to broaden my career options, secondly to increase my knowledge, thirdly to stay current with management tools, and lastly, for betterment of overall personal development.

This module has taught me valuable skills which are pertinent to my everyday life.

I am always motivated by those people who possess higher qualifications and capable of managing multiple roles in life e.g. student, child, employee. Perhaps good time management plays a vital part.

The first project of this module is to do a group poster presentation. We have limited time to carry out research and we were worn off by the intensive lectures. This is where I found out how time management and team work play as important elements for success. We distributed the workload among ourselves and set a time frame for completion. Group members were to adhere to the time frame stipulated. This is how we manage to complete a simple presentation, with many hidden hard work behind our success.

When I started my first semester, I find myself struggling for time. My lifestyle has become chaotic as I have to juggle between school, work and family. I felt tired everyday and have no motivation to complete my tasks. This is mainly due to my poor time management. The poster presentation has made me realize that many things can be achieved with proper planning of time.

Another valuable skill I have gained is to show empathy to others. This is not limited to showing sympathy but to understand and appreciate people’s feelings. My lecture class consists of mostly part time students, who have to shuttle from workplace to school. We often have group discussions during lectures and participation of some classmates may appear low as he or she may have an awful day at work. Thus, it is important to understand their situation, instead of giving them ‘death sentence’ immediately when they do not seems to...
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