Reflection on “Teaching Outside the Box” Chapters 1 & 2

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: October 6, 2008
When I begin to read this book, it makes me think why I do want to be a teacher. She starts out hardcore, letting the reader know exactly what to expect. I find that I was never much in a fantasy world about teaching, I’ve been in school and non of the students are perfect little angels, but I realize how I will deal with that will come in time when I have ample experience to handle the worst of them. The encouragement that she provides at the end of her tangent on the hardships is very slim. But it does make me think that every single teacher truly does enjoy their job. It seems like teachers that don’t quit after the first year or two think it is the best job on earth, and that is really what I am aiming to do in my teaching career. As the author begins to talk about her views on good, super and excellent teaching, I find them to be ok descriptions. She sets up for failure situations that she does actual encouragement. It is good that she is doing this, however, because if someone doesn’t know how much time and energy it will take to teach, I believe that she has it pretty well covered in her run down. I think it is excellent that she encourages teacher training programs. That is why I am in one right now. Reading this section has made me think back to some of my classes I have taken, and the classes I am currently in, and how they have given me those motivational techniques, leadership, and conflict resolution skills. In the beginning of chapter two, her opening paragraph is really important to me. “Because education, desire, intelligence, passion, and talent do not automatically enable you to communicate complex ideas to other people.” (Pg 9) This is something that drove me to look into being a teacher in the first place. I believe that I can teach anyone anything that I want them to learn. Therefore, I am learning to be an excellent teacher by taking courses and learning how to convey what I want my students to know more effectively. I really enjoyed reading...
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