Reduce Stress

Topics: Hobby, Sleep, Personal life Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Dailenys Diaz
Prof. Kathleen, Biache
EAP 1540 725506
Assignment. Essay
Believe me; we can reduce the stress in many forms. Stress is a body sensation that alterate the way we feel physically, mentally, and emotionality. So, Stress appears in everyone. It can come from any situation or though that made you feel frustrate, nervous, or hopeless. Then, stress can be reduced, depend how we see it. For example, there some ways to reduce stress such as, sleeping more, taking up a hobby, or being organized. First, we are sleeping more. An easy way to reduce stress is getting at least eight hours of sleep a day. When we get enough sleep the bodies are more energized; therefore, it also allows us to be less moody during our day. In fact, we can take a nap when the day is too hard. It will help us get back on ourselves. Thus, helps us to feel less stress afterwards. When, we disciplines ourselves it allows us to be more relaxed. Sleep makes it easier to get through our days; therefore, us when sleep more time at least eight hours a day we are successful at being less stressed. Second, we could start a hobby. When we take up a hobby, it helps us to be more unperturbed; next, it aids us to take mind off of all in our life. Exercising or going to the gym is a perfect way to stay fit and peaceful. There are other types of hobbies out there that can also help release stress. For example; taking up painting, so it is a good way to acquire our mind off of stressful things going on in life. Reading is also a great method to that too. Other possibilities can be learning or playing a new sport. Furthermore, a nice way to get fit, while doing something that helps us relaxes. Therefore, taking up a hobby, any hobby can be an excellent way to relaxed stress, plus it can be enjoyable and relaxing. Third, keeping organized is a perfect way to be less stressed. As, knowing where everything and having this ordered make it easier to work...
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