Red Meat

Topics: Nutrition, Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs number-one singles, Future Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Meat plays an important role in the human diet and nutrition, but it doesn’t mean every meat is good for you. Red meat is containing potential disease more than the others meat, so we should eat less it. In my persuasion speech, I talk about the problems, causes if we eat too much red meat and the solutions to reduce red meat. Nowadays, most people not only want the beautiful life, delicious meal but also have to have the healthy meal, so the topic wasn’t hard, having lots of material on the website; magazines, etc. support the ideas. In additions, it helps us to open our mind the concept what the good meal. For this speech, I had been practicing about a week from the presentation day. The video is cool. It is reflect any aspect of me, example voice, gesture, eye contact, etc. From the video, I think I have enough sound, not really gesture and bad eye contact. I don’t know why event this speech and the previous speech, I studied in my mind, but when I presented, I always look at my note card. It was like nervous that time. Any comments from the classmate as the key to help me success. The visual aid and source was nice, but as I said above, I have to have more eye contact. Someone wasn’t got my three main ideas, maybe my pronunciation or organization, made them confused. In the future, I have to studying more and more. The course really help, it show me how to prepare the presentation for every situation in school also in public and the American culture, and the professor so nice too. I want to say thank you to my professor.
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