Red Bull-Promtional Mix

Topics: Advertising, Brand, Promotion Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: February 25, 2008
a) Advertising

Red Bull follows a policy that specifically excludes any print advertising because this is seen as an inflexible medium that leads to competitive advertising. According to the Red Bull strategy, the advantage of using television or radio as media lies in their impact- the advertisements are seen or heard and then disappear, thus creating interest and momentum. Positioned as an exclusive brand, these types of media are perceived as reflecting the high value of the product.

The animated advertisements have achieved great success and represent the lighter side of the brand's profile. They sum up the Red Bull positioning statement, that "Red Bull revitalises body and mind". The many very well known cartoons as shown on television were initially meant to create a brand identity, and not awareness as many assume. However, this brand identity is directly linked to awareness and has offered a great promotional source for Red Bull. These cartoons are known globally and just as the cartoons are used in all places where Red Bull is consumed, the slogan is always the same translated into the local language.

b) Promotion

The promotion strategy used by Red Bull is the so called word-of-mouth or „Buzz –Marketing". This means that Red Bull strongly relies on it's consumers to orally pass on the quality and satisfaction of the product.

Reaching the youth is of great importance to Red Bull. This is why many promotional jobs are offered to young ambitious people which are very social and have innovative ideas. They drive cars with a big Red Bull can strapped on top, cruise around campuses and offer free samples at parties and often try to recruit people for their promotion team at universities, clubs, gyms or sporting events as young and energetic people are found there underlining the image Red Bull aspires. They act as "alpha bees," so if they like the product, they will tell other people about it.

Red Bull did not stay at only sponsoring...
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