Rectangular Microstrip Patch Array Antenna

Topics: Microstrip antenna, Patch antenna, Dielectric Pages: 13 (2865 words) Published: March 27, 2012
Rectangular Microstrip 6X6 Patch Array Antenna Performance Evaluation based on Permittivity of the Substrate Materials 1

P.Sreyash, 1A.Snehitha, 1V.Satya Sainadh, 1P.L.Madhuri, 1Saroj Gautam, 2

Mr.B.T.P.Madhav, 2Mr.Pranob Kumar Charles, 3Dr.Habibullah Khan Department of ECE, K L University, AP, India. :,


Project Students, 2Asst. Professor, 3Assoc. Professor, 4Head of the Department

Abstract: In the recent years, the development in communication systems requires the development of low cost, minimal weight, low profile antennas that are capable of maintaining high performance over a wide spectrum of frequencies. This technological trend has focused much effort into the design of a Microstrip patch antenna. Rectangular microstrip 6X6 patch array antenna performance dependency on permittivity of substrate material at 2.4GHz is evaluated using twelve different substrates and their output characteristics are simulated using commercial Ansoft HFSS software. Keywords: Rectangular Microstrip patch array, performance evaluation, Substrate materials, HFSS. I. INTRODUCTION Microstrip patch antennas are playing a vital role in the communication systems of present technology. They are having number of applications and advantages like low profile, light weight, ease of fabrication and many more except the drawback of narrow bandwidth. Many forms of patch antennas are available in different packages. Rectangular patch array of 6X6 elements for GPS and WLAN applications is designed and its performance is observed for different substrate materials. The microstrip patch antenna radiates because of the fringing fields between the patch edge and ground plane [1-5]. Thick dielectric substrate with low dielectric constant is preferable for better radiation, bandwidth and efficiency. But the disadvantage is the antenna size increases. To overcome this size problem we have to go for substrates with higher dielectric constant, which degrades the

efficiency and becomes cause for the narrow bandwidth. So, there should be a trade off between dielectric Constant and size of the antenna [6-10]. A detailed study is done in this paper regarding the dielectric constant vs. performance of the antenna by considering different substrate materials. II. SUBSTRATE MATERIALS Teflon is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetra fluoroethylene with the lowest coefficient of friction, and low chemical reactivity hence used as a non-stick coating for cookware. Rogers Ultralam has stable electrical and excellent mechanical properties. It is environment friendly and suitable for broadband applications. RogersRT/duroid has the lowest electrical loss of any reinforced PTFE material and has uniform electrical properties over frequency for use in millimeter wave applications and military radar systems [11]. Polyethylene is a hard, stiff, strong and a dimensionally stable thermoplastic polymer that has good self extinguishing properties and resistance against ultra violet. Polystyrene is an aromatic polymer made from the aromatic monomerstyrene. Neltec NX 9240 (N9000) has superior mechanical and electrical performance which makes it the material of choice for lowest loss, high frequency applications like wireless communications. Polyester is a polymer containing the ester functional group in the main chain. It is very strong, and resistant to ordinary chemicals and biological agents. Plexiglass is a transparent thermoplastic with unique properties like highest transparency, breakage resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance and ease of

Global Journal of Computer Application and Technology (GJCAT) 1, Issue 1, No.8, Jan 2011

fabrication. Polyimide is a lightweight, flexible polymer of imide monomers, hence used in the electronics industry for flexible cables. Cyanate ester has a very low dielectric constant, providing excellent long term thermal stability at elevated end use...
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