Recruitment Practices of Mncs

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Human Resource Management

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Current recruitment strategies being adopted by MNC’s in India


Recruitment is of the most crucial roles of the human resource professionals. The level of performance of and organization depends on the effectiveness of its recruitment function. Organizations have developed and follow recruitment strategies to hire the best talent for their organization and to utilize their resources optimally. A successful recruitment strategy should be well planned and practical to attract more and good talent to apply in the organization.

Recruitment is defined as, “a process to discover the sources of manpower to meet the requirement of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measurement for attracting that manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an efficient workforce.” Edwin B. Flippo defined recruitment as “the process of searching for the prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization.”

Objectives of Recruitment
1. to attract people with multi dimensional skills and experiences that suit the present and future organizational strategies; 2. to induct outsiders with a new perspective to lead the company; 3. to infuse fresh blood at all levels of the organization 4. to develop an organizational culture that attract competent people to the company 5. to search or headhunt/head poach people whose skills fit the companies values; 6. to devise methodologies for assessing physiological traits; 7. to seek out non conventional development grounds of talent; 8. to search for talent globally and not just within the company; 9. to design entry pay that competes on quality but not on quantum; 10. to anticipate and find people for position that does not exist yet.

Sources of Recruitment
The sources of recruitment are broadly divided into internal sources and external sources. Internal sources are the sources within an organization pursuit. External sources are the sources outside organization.

Internal Sources
• Present permanent employees
• Present temporary or casual or part time employees
• Retrenched or retired employees
• Dependent or deceased, disabled, retired and present employees • Employee referrals
• Promotions
• Transfers
• Present employees
• Scouting
• Advertising
• Create employer brand e.g Ashok Leyland, Aditya birla group etc

Advantages of Internal Recruitment
• Cheaper and costly to recruit
• Employees are already familiar with company
• Can boost employee morale
• Weakness and strengths of candidate is already known.

Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment
• Limits the number of potential applicants.
• No new ideas can be introduced from outside business. • May cause resentment amongst employees not appointed. • Creates another vacancy which needs to be filled.
• Departments can “raid” other departments for best employees External Sources
• Campus Recruitment
• Private employment Agencies/ consultants
• Public employment exchange
• Professional organization
• Data banks
• Casual Applicants
• Similar Organizations
• Trade Unions

Advantages of External Recruitment
• Outside people bring in new ideas
• Larger pool of worker from which to find the best candidate • People with wider range of experience can apply.

Disadvantages of External Recruitment
• Longer process
• More expensive process due to advertisements and interviews required. • Selection process may not be effective enough to reveal the best candidate.

Recruitment Strategies adopted by MNC’s in India
The hiring scenario has witnessed dramatic changes in the past decade with companies facing increasing talent crunch. This is also because new sectors such as retail have come on the horizon. While the number of...
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