Recruitment of a Star

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Problem Statement:

Recruiting a new star analyst for RSH Research department in the semiconductor Industry domain while satisfying client, market and organizational expectations.

Introduction to Company

Rubin, Stern and Hertz(RSH), an investment banking firm based in New York, is faced with the problem of hiring a replacement for their star semi-conductor analyst, Peter Thomson. Star analysts willing to shift companies are difficult to find in the present market scenario. But Stephen Connor, director of research at the firm, with the help of Craig Robertson, a headhunter at Triple S, has managed to shortlist 3 worthy candidates with diverse profiles. Stephen was also approached by Anita Armstrong on behalf of a fourth candidate, Seth Horkum.

· RSH is strong in its Research Division.

· Stephen Connor, director of RSH, was worried over the departure of a star analyst performer in its semi – conductor area.

· RSH’s culture was built on team-oriented approach.

· Employee turnover was low.

The Star semi-conductor analyst has retired. The post is urgently in need of skilled analyst in the domain because of an upcoming deal with POWERCHIP Company.

The junior analyst, Rina was promoted to senior analyst as a stop-gap solution. But the Director had to come across a new person immediately. He creates a pool of eligible candidates – Gerald Baum, David Hughes, Sonia Metha and Seth Horkum.

Pre-screening of candidates was commenced by Director through Personal Interviews. Another series of interviews were conducted and feedbacks from their colleagues were taken. The information from the interviews and the feedbacks from the colleagues were used to create profiles on the four candidates.

Analysis of the situation:


2. Individual(Candidate Analysis)

· RSH’s culture was one of its prime competitive advantages. · RSH had some of the best analysts working for it.
· It had great reputation in the market.
· RSH’s attrition rate was lower than industry standard. Weaknesses
· RSH’s only semiconductor analyst left the job just two months prior to an important deal. Opportunities
· A big upcoming deal with PowerChip could be highly beneficial for the company. · RSH had four vastly experienced analysts to choose from. Their experience and knowledge could immensely help the company. Threats

· Filling the place of senior semiconductor analysis with someone of the same calibre as Peter on such a short notice was a daunting task. · Recruitment of a wrong person at this critical point of time might affect the company’s success.

Gerald Baum
David Hughes
Sonia Meetha
Seth Horkum
Rina Shea
Active travel schedule.
Answered e-mails and voice mails promptly.
Superior intellect.
Had climbed to an II position 11 in only 18 months.
Strong industry knowledge.
Excelled at skills the clients desired the most. Eg. Stock picking, report writing, services provided. Highly recommended, ranked high in II.
Abundance of name recognition; practically a celebrity on Wall Street. Interested in grooming juniors.
Large number of contacts in the industry.
He has a razor sharp brain, vast industry knowledge and rare interpersonal skills. Concern for others time. (reached before time and ended her call as soon as Stephen arrived) More connections at the operational level

Received II recognition almost single handedly.
Strongly focused on organizational culture.
Eagerness to interview with probable co-workers.
Extremely enthusiastic.
Highly regarded by clients.
Open to explaining the intricacies of research.
Includes buy-side counter parts in company meetings for a holistic view. Ambitious and dedicated.
Congenial personality.
Accessible and responsive to clients.
Willing to travel on short notice.
Worked under the strong supervision of Peter and has knowledge about the...
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