Recruitment of Generation X and Generation Y Employees

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  • Published : October 24, 2011
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Topic: Recruitment of Generation X and Generation Y employees Recruitment is an ever changing landscape as it deals with three different generations in the workplace, which includes Baby Boomer, Generation X, and GenerationY (Sirona, 2007). Generation X employees are the smallest of the three groups, they represent roughly 16 percent of the workforce population; Generation Y employees represent 25 percent of the workforce (Ha, J., 2006). Generation Y employees are passionate, responsive, team-oriented, and extrovert. Hence, recruiting generation Y employees is better than to recruit generation X employees.

Generation Y employees are more passionate than generation X employees in the workplace. Similarly, both of them valued on work and life balance and they want freedom from their workplace. However, Generation X has been labeled the ‘slacker’ generation (Jenkins, J., 2007). They are viewed as lazy and as whiners. Flexible work schedules have proven to be attractive for them. They will take less money if they can work for short hours and have time off to spend with their family, or participate in their favorite hobby. Generation Y employees, on the other hand, are energetic and buoyant. They have the spirit of tenacious go-getters with an “I can do anything” (Shaver, T., n.d.). Moreover, they are ready to assume all the leadership positions when the Baby Boomer generation retires (Thorman, R., 2007). As in the aspect of working hours, Generation X employees strive to find quicker ways of working so that there is more time for having fun. This puts them at a disadvantage when competing with the Generation Y employees who are very ambition and are willing to work as long as needed (Janderson99, 2010).

Generation Y employees are on advantages in workplace as they can thrive in a fast-paced environment. They has been pampered, nurtured and programmed with a slew of activities since they were toddlers, as a result, they are both high-performance and...
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