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Robert Fowler

Mr. Crosson

SBAD 374 Section 450

November 14 2012

Baby Boomers vs. Millenials

A person born before the World War II is called a baby boomer. This is between 1946 and 1964 as is approximated by the bureau of census in U.S. In addition, there are times when the name baby boomer is used in the context of culture. As a result, name does not have a precise definition, even in a territory ( Foot 45). Additionally, different individuals, scholars, organizations and groups have varied culturally and technically in their opinions regarding what makes up a baby boomer. Arguably, it is impossible for someone to exist in a permanent and inseparable form or ascribe attributes that are universal, to a particular generation. However, majority of the people try to identify cultural similarities and effects of generational history. As a result, the name baby boomer became popularly known (Armour 11-12). In addition, they are identified redefinition and rejection of the values that made up their traditions. However, some people refute that boomers reject their cultural practices because of the wide continuity of their values to the young generation. Moreover, it is argued that in North America and Europe, baby boomers had many privileges while growing up. This is because the government at that time had subsidized education, housing and ensured the increase of affluence, during the post war.

During the post war, baby boomers were known to be wealthy, physically fit and active. Moreover, they had an expectation that the world would improve, given time. In addition their income was leveled highly. Consequently, they could afford good food, clothing, retirement benefits and sometimes experienced crisis that came with the midlife. Due to all this, the baby boomers thought that they were special people and an opposite of those who were there before them. In addition, in the 1960s they had relatively grown to a large number of teenagers and adults (Broder 22). Moreover, they had a particular language around their group of company and the difference they were causing. As a result, the language had impacted on how they viewed themselves and the terms they used to define the world’s generations. Therefore baby boomers have been considered as a pig within a python and shockwave. In summary, the boomers are proud and have grown widely hence have occupied a wider geography.

It has been argued that baby boomers are young and cannot remember anything concerning the World War II. However, they can remember the post-war period. This generation can be divided into two. One of the groups is the edge leading boomers who were existed between 1946 and 1955. This means that during the Vietnam War, they were mature. In addition, they are more than half the boomer generation. The other group is called edge trailers or late called boomers, who are also made up of a wide number ( Foot 80). Sadly, there have been disputes on territorial ownership between the two groups. Moreover, they promote their agendas and claim to have wide adoptions. In summary, each of the two groups feels superior to the other and so they have gotten into disputes on generation ownership.

There have been different attempts to define who the baby boomers really are. According to Ones (37), the boomer from Canada is a person born between 1947 and 1966. However, he does acknowledge that it is hard to define boomers from their geographical locations or cultural practices. Moreover, some people argue that the boom in Canada was within 1955 and 1956. Therefore, those born before this period are the actual baby boomers and most of them have a high influence amongst people. Therefore, those born around the 1960s are disconnected from being culturally identified to the boomers (Ones 90). In summary, there is no clear definition or identification of what makes up the baby boomers.

There were different changes socially when the baby boomers grew...
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