Record Controls

Topics: Confidentiality, Secrecy, Hospital Pages: 3 (797 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Record Controls
Valerie Chacon
Axia College
November 21st, 2010
HCR 210
Lisa Israel

Today, there are many security measures within small, medium and large facilities. There are secure rooms, passwords, access codes and other things to keep records safe. If these security measures are not in place, then the medical facility could be at risk for letting confidential information get to the wrong people. There are differences and similarities in ways each medical facility handles their medical records. Small, medium, and large facilities seem to use similar security measures within an electronic record filing system. Most facilities use passwords, usernames, and access codes. With this said, only certain staff members have these access codes. Sometimes, one person has these access codes depending on how big the facility is. Sometimes files are only kept in a filing cabinet that is locked, along with the building locked when no one is there. Many small facilities seem to still use paper records. Paper records can have their positives and negatives. Small facilities do not have many doctors which in this case they know many of their patients on a personal level. This is a good aspect, especially for looking up records. Many small facilities keep their records in a secured room that is locked. Some facilities use only one person with one key, and others have access codes to get into the secured room. Depending on the facility and how many patient records there are, they all follow certain rules in their facility. Some facilities follow color coded record filing, numeric filing, and alphabetical filing. Some facilities keep their record in one place, other facilities have 2. If it is paper filing and they have 2 secure rooms, usually one room is for current patients and the other room is for old patient record. Records are kept from eight to ten year, depending on facilities regulations, and then destroyed of properly according to privacy...
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