Hcr 210 Week 6

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  • Published : June 14, 2011
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I have identified that there are some differences and similarities among small, medium, and large facilities with the organization of patient files and the handling of loose reports. I have spotted between the small, medium, and large facilities they all like their loose files to be permanently anchored in the charts. There was a few that went by what their policy and procedures were and by group decision. Most facilities like their reports to be permanently anchored in the patients charts at all times. Having charts permanently anchored would seem to make more sense to me so that paper work would not be misplaced. The small, medium, and large facilities deal with the organization of patients files differently. Some facilities have their charts structured by form numbers, chronological, report type, categories, and by most recent. I believe that the organization of the patient's charts is on based what the facility or doctor would like better. If the doctor wants the charts organized by report type or by categories then that is how it is done in that facility. The same procedure goes for the handling of loose reports; it is all based on what that facility prefers or what the doctor prefers. Looking through the interview thread I have noticed that there are a lot of similarities in all three types of facilities, but a lot of distinctions as well. I believe that each facility has their own way of doing things to make it easier for their office to run. Each facility has their own way of managing patient records. There can be similarities and differences throughout each different facility. Furthermore, to place patient files on data disk is ideal to eliminate storage space problems.
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