Topics: Working time, Employment, Workweek Pages: 7 (2265 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Increasing Morale in Order to Reduce Turnover
Robin A. Hill
Florida Department of Corrections

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3
Introduction 3
Recommendation 4
Supporting Reasons for Recommendation 5
Increase Employee Productivity 5
Improve Job Satisfaction 7
Reduce Employee Turnover 8
Counterargument and Rebuttal 9
Reservations against Recommendation 9
Rebuttal of Reservations 9
Conclusion 10
Reference List 11

Executive Summary

This report will discuss how low morale effects turnover within the Florida Department of Corrections (Department). It provides the current turnover situation within the Department, provides a recommendation to decrease the turnover rate, and outlines three key reasons supporting the recommended change. The report will also explore the counterargument that has been previously expressed towards the current recommendation and offer solid statistics to disprove any concerns. The Department is currently losing approximately 76% of its academy graduates yearly due to low morale within the agency. Many of these officer are leaving the public sector and entering the private job market in order to obtain what they believe to me a more lucrative work environment. With the current financial state of the Department, it is unable to sustain such a high turnover due to the cost affiliated with training of new officer needed keep the community safe. The recommendation of switching from the traditional five day work week to the non-traditional four day work week will offer probation officer an incentive to remain with the agency. This change in work schedule will in turn save the Department cost of continuously having to train new officers.
Correctional Probation Officer begin their training by attending local Police Academies just like every Law Enforcement officer in the State of Florida. These academies are held at many local State Colleges and typically the tuition is $2,500 for the three month program for each cadet who enters the program (Broward State College, 2013). The typical probation academy consist of approximately twenty-one cadets and out of my graduation class of 2006, five certified probations officer remain with the Department. At the current rate, the Department is losing 76% of the probation academy graduates yearly and has currently spent over $280,000 tax payer dollars in training for Probation Officer that are no longer with the Department over a period of seven years. These officers have elected to leave the public sector and enter the private work market due to the current morale with the agency. This report recommends that the Department switch from the traditional five day work week to the non-traditional four day work week, offers three key reason to support the recommendation, discusses the reservation to the recommendation, offer statistics to disprove any reservations, and request the Board to approve implementation of the recommendation.

The Department is being asked to approve an overall schedule change for all certified Correctional Probation Officers within the state of Florida. Officers will transition from the traditional five day work week to the non-traditional four day work week. The officers within the Department currently feel underappreciated which results in poor morale, thus leading to high officer turnover rate. Budgets cuts have forced the Department to reduce staff and implement cost cutting policies. These policies have negatively affected the staff’s view on the Department as a whole and question the direction the agency is going. Many of that certified staff who have less than five years within the Department either has moved on to jobs within the private sector or has contemplated leaving. The turnover is having a huge financial impact costing the Department $280,000 over a period of...
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