Rebuilding Food Pyramid

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Rebuilding the Food Pyramid Sept 20, 201

Through years Americans have struggled with their diet nutritions. Many nutritionists have been trying to find a good method to help people have a healthy intake. The Food pyramid appears, and it has a long history. The U.S Department Agriculture (USDA) published the first food guide which was named How to Select Foods by Caroline Hunt (Healthy Eating Politics). Then, in 1946 it became The National Nutrition Guide because that was a war time. And then many different vezions of the Food pyramid which were confusing people were appeared. In 1992, USDA released the first graphical Food Pyramid and it showed all the recommended intake. However, in early 2005, the Food pyramid was changed one more time. It was called the new Food Pyramid. USDA explains that the new one is much better than the old one. Its information is more accurate. It gives more specific details of nutritions of a person needs to take daily, and exact what foods provides the nutritions we need (Bartlett). Comparing to the old Fodd Pyramid, it just estimated an amout of nutritions everyone should take daily base on 2,000 calories diet. However, that was confusing people because many people did not know how much calories they should eat to keep up, "nearly 90 percent of the respondents had no idea how many calories they should consume daily to maintain their weight" (Squires).. Therefore, If the new Food Pyramid works better than the old one, then people will be more healthy by changing their diet intake. I kept tracking my meals in three days from September 14th and 15th, 2012. Because of the weekend I ate less then weekdays. I travel most weekend to do work, so I spend time to eat less than week days, when I just have school only. Usually over weekend, on breakfast time I just grab whatever convenient for me to eat. Then, lunch time, I eat fruits and drink water. Moreover, I often have dinner at fastfood restaurant at any airport, where I flight to...
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