Reason Why Teenagers Age 13- 18 Years Old from Different Colleges and Universities Engage in Cigarette Smoking Despite Its Negative Effects

Topics: Tobacco, Smoking, Nicotine Pages: 8 (2173 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Reasons Why Teenagers Engage Themselves to Smoking

A thesis submitted to the Faculty of
St. Paul College, Pasig

In Partial Fulfillment of the
Requirements in Research

Nicole Therese Ang-Angco
Caryl Marie Balagot
Cara Dominique Beltran
Sheena Sharmaine Estayo
Julianne Rose Santarina
March 2009


A. Research Problem:
Reason why teenagers age 13- 18 years old from different colleges and universities engage in cigarette smoking despite its negative effects

B. Objectives:
1. To gather information about teenage smoking
2. To conduct surveys to both smokers and past smokers 3. To interview 8 smokers/past smokers for the researchers to be able to probe and get a much deeper stance about the reasons as to why teenagers smoke. These will be used to support the survey that was conducted. To identify reasons/root causes why these teenagers engaged themselves in smoking 4. To create/make generalizations about youth smoking 5. To present to people the reasons as to why teenagers smoke and make them aware of the possible root causes.

C. Significance of the Study:
This study is for the researchers to identify and analyze the reasons, and for the people to be aware like non-smokers why there are teenagers who smoke. This study is important because nowadays, the population of youth smokers is increasing. This is for the students of St. Paul Pasig to be familiar with the reasons why there are actually people who smoke despite of its disadvantages to one’s health and to the environment as well. This study may contribute to the solutions about the smoking issues and problems of today and somehow to make parents/school aware of these facts too for them to be able to prevent their children into being engaged to smoking as it may only bring unhealthy and negative effects to one’s body. However this study does not assure that one person would not smoke or would stop smoking after being presented with the facts that will come from this study.

D. Scope and Limitations:
This study aims to distinguish the reasons why there are people, particularly teenagers, who keep on smoking though they know that it is dangerous to one’s health. The researchers will be conducting surveys and interviews. 80 smokers and past smokers (40 smokers and 40 past smokers) will be given a survey while 8 more smokers will be interviewed to achieve an in depth discussion about the reasons they’ll be giving; the 8 smokers to be interviewed are from the 40 smokers surveyed. The researchers are also only going to conduct surveys to random teenagers of the age mentioned above and only from the said places. 40 past smokers are to be surveyed because the researchers would want to compare their reasons with the smokers. Their answers will only be used to support the answers of the smokers. The interview will take place in the school the respondents are from to ensure safety for both parties. The interview will also be done for the researchers to be able to probe on the said research problem. The weakness of this research is that some people who will be given the surveys might not answer the questions properly; therefore, the researchers will not only focus on the answers given by the respondents but also on the interview to be conducted. The researchers are also to use their review of related literature and studies to support their thesis.

E. Definition of Terms:
1. Teenagers/Youth – those who started smoking at the age range of 13-18 years old 2. Cool - State in which teenagers feel ahead among their peers 3. Researchers - the students who are the authors of this thesis 4. Youth Smoking - people who smoke under the age of 18

5. Smokers – smokers who started smoking at the age range of 13-18 6. Past Smokers – those who started smoking at around 13-18 but who already stopped...
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