Introduction &Background of Study

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Introduction and Background of Study
Method that the team uses in this research is exploratory research. The purpose of these studies is to know why the young generation consume cigarettes and where do they get their source of income to buy cigarettes. Nowadays the demand of cigarette is getting high even though Government implements anti-smoking campaign. As a result, more people take these opportunities and more and more companies produce cigarettes and there are many types and preferences of cigarettes in the market. The high excise increase in the budget will only worsen the illegal cigarettes problem. Those companies are so competitive which they have to use a lot of business strategy just to earn profit. Most consumer consume cigarette just because of status. As we can see nowadays most of the college students smokes, just to show that they are old enough and gain their status. As a result the percentage of the students smoking is very high in 2009. This research will help the government to prevent youngsters to smoke and spending money to worsen their health. To review Tobacco Company strategies of using youth smoking prevention programmed’ to counteract the Malaysian government's tobacco control legislation and efforts in conducting research on youth to market to them. Industry internal documents reveal that youth anti-smoking programmed was launched to offset the government's tobacco control legislation. The programmed was seen as a strategy to lobby key politicians and bureaucrats for support in preventing the passage of legislation. However, the industry continued to conduct research on youth, targeted them in marketing, and considered the teenage market vital for its survival. Promotional activities targeting youth were also carried out such as sports, notably football and motor racing, and entertainment events and cash prizes. Small, affordable packs of cigarettes were crucial to reach new smokers.

The government should know how to decrease the number of college students from smoking cigarettes. They should provide healthy program for the youngster and the college students or university students, so that they did not spend most of their time smoking. Rakan Muda club is one of an example to the students; the government should promote the new sports for the youngster to spend on. But, in the other hand, cigarettes also contribute profit to our economy in Malaysia. So, will the level of income influences the consumer to smokes or not.

Most smokers consume cigarettes because of they want to look older. But in this situation is do the income level influence the demand for the brand of the cigarettes or not. The hypothesis that we could manage to indicate the problem in these research is the higher the income level, the higher the demand for expensive cigarettes. The second hypothesis is the higher the status of the individual, the higher the demand for expensive cigarettes.

Cigarette smoking, as it exists in the world today, is a most remarkable phenomenon. It is a habit of the most widespread proportions, and a product of the twentieth century. Today, cigarette smoking has ramifications in almost every area of knowledge in politics, economics, psychiatry, psychology, sociology, anthropology, pharmacology and pathology. It is strange that people should go to such lengths to burn and then inhale some vegetable matter. We must find out what is rewarding about it. Furthermore, how rewarding can it be that it overcomes the clearly demonstrated punishment meted out by this tenacious habit? In an attempt to obtain some answers to these questions, the symposium was organized and this volume produced. In order to understand the habit, we analyzed it from four different aspects: epidemiology, etiology, consequences and treatment. Thus, we want to know something about the distribution of cigarette smoking in the world today; we would like to understand why people smoke; we want to see in the light of...
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