Realist View of Human Nature

Topics: International relations, Realism, Classical Realism Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: November 15, 2011
What is the Realist view of Human Nature?
It is important to firstly understand all the terms present in this question. Firstly, “realist” when a realist is to be defined in international relations we are mainly dealing with someone who advocates for the theory of realism. More over it important to note there are different kinds of realists, but they all generally constitute the main idea of realism which is 4 different kinds of realists which are the following: classical realists, liberal realists, neo-realists and neo-classical realists. All these 4 all constitute for realism but to different extents with some newer realists such as the neo-realists. However they all agree on their view of human nature but disagree when it comes to root of power struggle and the characteristics of a state. Secondly, defining the term “human nature” in the context of this question; human nature is referring to the typical tendency of human beings. This includes the shared psychological attributes that are assumed to be shared by all humans these include feelings, thinking and acting traits that all human beings are assumed to all have.

Classical realism has mainly come to be associated with Hans Morgenthau who is said to have had the largest impact on the field. This theory is mainly state level based and highlights that all people are greedy, aggressive, insecure and thus the same states that govern these people must have the same characteristics as the people make the state and the state is defined by the people present. Realists believe that power politics is a law of human behavior. Thus meaning it is in bred within all humans to thirst for power and it is that same drive for power and the motivation to dominate and have authority over others evolve into the fundamental aspects of human nature. Seeing as classical realists believe this, they tend to see international politics and power politics are all equivalent. Hans J. Morgenthau explained in many of his works that...
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