Reading Response: "A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner 2

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  • Published : March 30, 2006
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Reading Response: "A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner

The narrator must have been someone that at one time or another lived in that same

town as Miss Emily Grierson. The first indication was the very fact that the narrator said,

" our town went to her funeral." Throughout the story the narrator seem to use the term

"we" referring not only to himself but also the town people. Notice that I said himself.

This statement can be attributed to the inclination that I strongly believe, the narrator is

male. My first indication was not only when he referred to the women talking about Miss

Emily, excluding himself but also referring to them as: "as the ladies all said." Such a

statement can only be expected from a man. Had it been a woman, she would have had a

lot more to say, especially when it came to addressing matters of the heart. The narrator seems to know detailed facts accordingly and made vivid statements

to satisfy that he not only lived in that same town but also knew Miss Emily life story

immensely well. The very fact that the narrator knows Miss Emily's ancestry from her

great aunt and father down to the man she was seeing only adds fuel to an already

burning fire.

The last two paragraphs seem to anonymously support the evidence that the

narrator was reminiscing in much vivid detail when he was describing the events. I'm

solely content, he knew Miss Emily well enough. The only reason this can be

accomplished is through close contact. Having said this, I understand that in today's

world we don't know our neighbors names, let alone know some one quite well in our

town. That very aspect gives me the much needed support that, this narrator had close

associations or ties directly with Miss Emily. Much can be devised as he so frequently

used the phrase "we" referring to himself in conjunction with the town people. One

statement that...
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