Iron Gray

Topics: Death, For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her, The Wrong Man Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Taylor Johnson
ENGL 1102 T/TH/F
January 14, 2013
DB #1
1. The final detail is meaningful because it shows that Emily had lain in that bed, next to that man, after he had died. Faulkner had given great detail to the change in color of her hair throughout her life on page 36. By the time she had died, her hair was an “iron-gray” color. Just like the strand of hair found on the pillow. 2. The unnamed narrator seems to be a representation of the townspeople as a whole. He is most likely a member of the town. He talks about the curiosity of the townspeople upon her death and uses the term we to connect himself to the other members of the community. Obviously though, he is one of the never more modern-thinking members of the community, which is shown as he discusses things that had happened in the past. He, or she, is representing the accumulative voice for what is occurring in the town. He supplies multiple opinions given by the townspeople, without really sharing his feelings for her. 3. In this setting, it is better that “A Rose for Emily” is told from the point of view of a narrator, because the narrator is providing an outline of Emily’s life, along with the views about her, from the community around her. In “A & P” the only opinion given was from the main character, so it was hard to know what everyone else in the store thought of the three girls in the swimsuits, without making assumptions. In “A Rose for Emily” the narrator supplies the opinions of the community in a way that Emily could not. 4. Homer disappeared after becoming engaged to Emily, Emily bought arsenic from the drug store, and there was a foul odor coming from Emily’s home. All of these things could be considered foreshadowing, and there were times that it seemed that something might have happened to Homer, as with the arsenic, however, Homer returned after Emily had bought the arsenic. Because the events are out of order, it is hard to pair one event to another until the...
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